There's More To Detoxifying Than Just A Diet.


Date: 1/28/06
intestinal parasites Vicious cycles can develop when chronic disease and a compromised immune system build up toxins in our bodies due to toxic waste.
Varying from indigestion to chronic constipation, allergies, asthma, skin eruptions, and mal-absorption of food. Detox has become a buzz-word, yet few realize there is more to detoxifying than merely following a good diet for a time.

Unwelcome invaders (intestinal parasites, worms and yeasts) enter and cling to our intestinal lining. These invasions are caused by usage of antibiotics, drinking unfiltered water and eating half cooked meat during particularly during the festive seasons. The only way to detoxify is to sweep out these unwelcome invaders and replenish the friendly flora, whilst following an elimination and healthy diet.
Neurotransmitters, that is chemical messengers that make us feel well, sleep well, work better, and help us to not over indulge during festive seasons, get depleted. We need to take more natural pre-cursors of neurotransmitters that help to form serotonin and opioids, and help to protect us from stress, depression and cravings for sweet things, alcohol, drugs, nicotine and bread products.

If we fail to replenish our system's reserves, friendly flora, that coat our intestines, to diet off, resulting in the bad guys taking over and the person developing "dysbiosis" (imbalance). Bad bacteria ferment the sugar, starch and alcohol that we take in and excrete toxic waste - a vicious cycle.

Doing a " Detox" at least twice per year, is like good housekeeping. Get the correct herbal combination that not only kills parasites, but also eggs, especially if there is a history of parasits or parasite symptoms, or chronic yeast infections.

A parasite detox should continue for about three months to do away with parasites that hatch in phases. Make sure to do some bowel gardening as part of your cleansing - replenish the friendly flora, and take live cultures of probiotics containing acidophilus and bifidobacteria. Consult your natural health practitioner for effective vitamins and follow the diet until you find a new lease on life.

Keep this in mind when you plan you next detox.