We are the perfect host for intestinal parasites.


We are the perfect host for intestinal parasites.
They are the unwanted guests of many people in all countries.

They just come in and take over, they will remain as unwanted guests unless a concerted effort is made to make their stay uncomfortable, and they will keep coming back - unless you become an unhospitable host.

Adding to the suffering caused by some diseases or conditions, is the injustice also suffered by the social stigma of the condition.

Usually without exception these diseases are related in some way to body parts or functions not usually discussed at the dinner table. Sexually transmitted diseases, constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids - these all have to be suffered in a shameful silence.
When the pharmacist holds a prescription aloft and calls out, "hemorrhoids! Who's got the piles" for some deep and seemingly shameful reason you find yourself selfconciously sideling up to the counter, scooping up your prescription and slinking out the door, your personal pride seriously damaged.

You can be assured of unbridled disgust from any bystanders hearing about tapeworms, especially a first hand account of a personal experience.
Just try it.
Tell a bystander that just that morning you pulled a four-footer out of your arse and watch the horrified reaction.
Remember this for sometime you have to change the subject in a hurry - it is guaranteed to block out all memories of everything to do with the previous subject!

Why should this be?
Well, let's face it, it is a pretty disgusting ailment. The very thought that a creature from out of another species setting up a comfortable abode inside you, and sucking away your life force, stealing all your nourishment and worming it's way to all parts of your body at will.

This illustration of the tapeworm is used because it is probably the most well known of worms that invade the human body, and probably the most dreaded. Also, by the size it can reach, it is the granddaddy of all worms.

Most of the above, plus a great deal more, could of course be atributed to most of the many parasites that invade our bodies and decimate our health.

How do you get worms?
The eggs of these parasites are introduced into the human system through the medium of food or water.
Eating contaminated food causes round warm.
Hookworms enter the human body through bare foot walking on infected earth.
Tapeworms are transmitted to the body through under cooked flesh foods or foods contaminated by dogs.

The real cause of intestinal worms attacking you however, is your having a body that the parasites find easy to inhabit. The eggs of these worms, taken into the human body through food, water, or other means, can breed in intestines only if they find there a suitable medium for their propagation. The medium is usually an intestinal tract clogged with rotting food.

According to Ann Louise Gittleman, a certified nutritionist who has worked with parasite patients, a parasite infection can be manifested by any number of signs. These include chronic constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, joint and muscle aches and pains, anemia, allergies, skin conditions, nervousness, sleep disturbances, teeth grinding, and chronic fatigue

The most important symptom is the visual variety. Look for white noodle-looking bits in your bogs during the post-defecation inspection. If you neglect this important inspection for too long, you may be in for the shock of your life one day when you do look and see one of your wildest nightmares.

First line of defence.
The body's first line of defense against infection is the acid produced by a healthy stomach. Stomach acid kills most of the bacteria and parasites that are swallowed along with meals, and a healthy digestive system.
Suppression of stomach acid increases the risk of infection. The widespread use of antacids is a reason for concern.
(I feel that the FDA's decision to make the acid-lowering drugs Tagamet and Pepcid available 'over the counter' a terrible disservice to the American people - be careful using them.)

Second line of defence.
A second line of defense against infestation is a full complement of healthy intestinal bacteria, especially the Lactobacilli residing in the small intestine.
Antibiotics decimate the friendly bacteria like Lactobacillus. In so doing, they increase the risk of subsequent intestinal infection.

Third line of defence.
Dietary Fiber - probably the most important aspect of making your digestive tract hostile to parasites.

There are a number of things you can do to avoid picking up intestinal parasites:

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A healthy colony of intestinal bacteria:
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