AIM ProPeas.

Vegetable protein promotes a healthy pH balance.
Improves calcium absorption.
Non-GMO, gluten-free and certified vegan.

A vegetable protein powder made from field peas.  Provides 12 grams of protein per serving.  Ideal tool for weight management due to proteins' ability to increase satiety, improve lean muscle, and increase metabolism. 


Product Features.

• Assists with weight management.
• Helps build and maintain healthy muscles.
• Increases energy and endurance.
• Provides a feeling of fullness (satiety).
• Boosts metabolism.

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AIM PROPEAS ™ 456g Powder.

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Practical ProPeas

Made from low-allergen and gluten-free field peas, AIM ProPeas™ offers you the choice of vegetable protein, which helps to promote a healthy body pH. If you rely on meat for protein, it is wise to balance your intake with ProPeas. It also makes an ideal supplemental protein for those on a vegetarian diet.

Essential for healthy body tissue, protein is the primary element that your body needs to build and maintain your muscles, organs, and immune system. And making ProPeas a part of your weight-management program helps by reducing your appetite, maintaining lean muscle, and burning calories.

As a nutrient provider for over twenty-nine years, AIM offers whole-food concentrates that support good nutrition. Keep AIM at the top of your how-to-stay-healthy list.

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