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February 10, 2014

If you keep ignoring the natural call to use the toilet, your body will gradually stop responding to the call.
So to avoid constipation one of the first things to do is --- go when you need to go.

Make "number 2" your "number 1" priority.

That's the latest poop, on what to do to avoid chronic constipation.

You know full well that poor diet and insufficient water will affect your bowel movement, but delaying the call to eliminate can also lead to trouble.

Most of us do it: We delay having a bowel movement because we're too busy at work, or have company or any of many excuses. Doctors say it will lead to trouble.

You'll lose sensitivity and won't recognize the need to go to the toilet If you ignore it for long enough and you'll end up being constipated. It is very common that children have this type of constipation. They don't like to stop playing so put off going to the bathroom.

So, don't act like a child.
Waiting for a convenient time and just holding on, will cause problems later on. Because over the years laziness can eventually create a lazy colon.

A person is considered constipated if he or she has fewer than three bowel movements in a week, is producing hard or very bulky stools or is having difficulty or pain during a bowel movement. Pregnancy, surgeries and many medications can cause constipation.

You don't have to go every day. You can get concerned if you go more than three or four days without a bowel movement. If you get bloated and gas builds up and it is painful.

When a patient complains of constipation, doctors will do various tests, check medical history, do blood tests and other routine checks. If no serious causes are found, diet is usually blamed.

Consuming a lot of carbohydrates, like bread and pasta, and other processed foods usually triggers a problem. Secondary problems, like hemorrhoids and bleeding, very often follow.
So the first thing to do is add fiber.

Adding fruit and vegetables is one of the easiest ways to add the fiber you diet. Two helpings of fruits and two helpings of vegetables every day is a good start. If you just can't get enough fruits and vegetables into your diet, then you will have to use supplements that help cure constipation.

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Processed cheese almost always causes constipation.

There's no harm in adding supplementary dietary fiber to your diet, It's easy and natural. If you take supplements morning and night, you will find it a great help.

Some people get benefit from prune juice. If a product works for you, go for it.

Most people don't drink enough water.
You require 30 to 60 ounces of water, that is 6 to 8 glasses of water. That is for the average person.

Sometimes, relief is as simple as exercising a little each day, especially women experiencing it as a byproduct of pregnancy. Being active is going to help, it will promote the movement of everything. It will help keep everything more relaxed. Getting more active, and trying to change from a sedentary lifestyle, will go a long way toward digestive health and getting you free from chronic constipation.
Take a half-mile walk every day for three or four days per week. You don't have to be an athlete.

But it's up to you to pay attention to your own bowel habits. For some women in their 30s and 40s, infrequent bowel movements may not be a sign of a problem at all. It's fairly common for women to suffer from colonic inertia, meaning their bowel movements are infrequent, but not painful.

Lazy bowel is annoying, but usually constipation is not a serious medical problem.