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An all-natural dried juice concentrate that combines the leaves of four young plants and broccoli sprouts for a wide spectrum of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidant (beta-carotene), and a balanced plant-based protein, all for whole-body health. By blending the nutrient-dense leaves of spinach, faba bean, field pea, and barley, AIM Cocoa LeafGreens™ is an excellent source of vitamin A, iron, and vitamin K, and provides 30 mg of chlorophyll in every 3 gram serving.

Size: 6.35oz/180g, Single Jar or 6 Pack

Cocoa Leaf Greens 6.84 oz/194 g powder
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Cocoa Leaf Greens
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Cocoa Leaf Greens

Cocoa Leaf Greens

CoCoa LeafGreens provides a blend of five different leaf powders and broccoli sprout powder, combined with antioxidant-rich cacao and cocoa. It is an ultra-nutritious beverage that is uniquely different.

Leaves are among the most abundant sources of vital nutrients on the planet. CoCoa LeafGreens is a combination of barley leaf, spinach, kale, arugula, Swiss chard and broccoli sprout powders. AIM then adds the delectable taste and antioxidant power of cacao and cocoa powders to these exclusive greens.

CoCoa LeafGreens is the only product on the market to utilize this unique blend of leaves, sprouts, cocoa and cacao that works synergistically for optimal health benefits.

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For more information, click here: Cocoa Leaf Greens datasheet