AIM Barleylife ™ - What it it ?

green juice Barleylife AIM BarleyLife ™ is a whole food, green juice, health product that provides many nutrients our bodies need but simply are not getting.
BarleyLife ™ contains naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, enzymes, chlorophyll, protein(amino acids), antioxidants and everything else God put in the barley leaf, yet still unknown to man.
BarleyLife ™ is a tremendous benefit to our bodies cells. So much so that you will feel the difference.
BarleyLife is made from the fresh live juice of young organically grown barley leaves. The leaves are harvested at their peak nutrient level and immediately juiced and cooled to prevent degradation of enzymes and other nutrients. The fresh barley juice is then spray dried at low temperature and mixed with a small amount of high quality maltodextrin. A small amount of brown rice and powdered kelp is added to provide other nutrients not in the barley juice.
The maltodextrin locks in and protects the barley juice from oxidation providing a vastly superior product that maintains its quality while on the shelf.
BarleyLife™ captures consistently higher levels of the nutrition found in barley grass. And it's rich nutrients are more fresh, active, and alive.
BarleyLife is a powder that can be mixed in pure water or juice or even taken dry in the juice Barleylife

We strongly believe that BarleyLife is the best green juice product on the market.
Numerous long term barley juice users are noticing increased benefits in a short period of time.
You owe it to yourself to give BarleyLife a try.
Hippocrates', the Father of Modern Medicine, favorite food for sick folks was barley gruel. Hopefully one day all health practitioners will have a favorite effective food for sick folks!
We believe that BarleyLife is a tremendous food for healthier cells!

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