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Where is BarleyLife Available?

BarleyLife is available in all Countries

What if I try BarleyLife and don't like it?
All the AIM products come with a money back guarantee. We strongly encourage you to try BarleyLife and experience the benefits yourself.

Is BarleyLife made by the same process as Barleygreen ™ ?
To try to create a better product, AIM had to create innovative and better processes. These processes are patent-pending and proprietary information.

What does Barleylife COST

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Is BarleyLife organic?
Organic certification normally takes two to three years to acquire. AIM is working toward this certification. BarleyLife is grown naturally with no herbicides or pesticides. Test results show that it is residue-free.

Is BarleyLife Recommended for the Hallelujah Diet?
Absolutely! BarleyLife users will see even better results. Simply use the same amount of BarleyLife and you will soon feel the difference! We feel it is that much better. We are excited to hear the many good reports that will be coming in. BarleyLife is not irradiated to control bacteria and you can be confident in the AIM management integrity. BarleyLife is tremendous!!

How does the vitamin A content in BarleyLife compare to competing products?
Our most recent analysis indicates that the vitamin A content in BarleyLife is nearly four times higher when tested with the same method.

What happened to the antioxidant 2-O-GIV?
Early research on green barley grass juice indicated that it contains the antioxidant identified as 2"-O-GIV. More recent research indicates that while green barley grass juice (including BarleyLife) does contain 2"-O-GIV, it is present in exceedingly low levels. At the same time, two powerful antioxidants were found to be present in green barley grass juice. They are saponarin and lutonarin. Saponarin is in the "GIV" family. Lutonarin is in the "GIO" family and is the superior antioxidant. We have found both saponarin and lutonarin in BarleyLife 2"-O-GIV is present in small amounts.

AIM has stood behind Barleygreen ™ for 20 years with positive results and tens of thousands of satisfied users. How many user reports do you have on BarleyLife?
100 percent of the people who took BarleyLife in a test market rated it above average to excellent. Because the quality of BarleyLife is so much higher than in other green barley juice powders, those who take it are noticing positive benefits much more quickly and are sharing their results with us. As more folks learn about the increased benefits of BarleyLife and use this product the number of user reports will dramatically increase. Here are a few of the many good reports that are coming in.

Where does the product come from? If you have two different sources how will I know where the one I am getting comes from?
The Canadian Members and customers will get the BarleyLife produced in Canada. All other AIM Members and customers will get the BarleyLife produced in New Zealand.

Why does the BarleyLife that is distributed in Asia contain small amounts of soy?
The Western population has a mixed to unfavorable impression of soy and 15 percent of the population is allergic to soy. The Asian population has a more favorable attitude toward soy and doesn't seem to have the allergy. Producing the product with soy allowed us to meet a market need and gave us the opportunity to customize the product in preparation for further customization with no-kelp and caplet versions.

Is the soy used in the Asia BarleyLife GMO - free?

Will BarleyLife be available in no-kelp and caplets versions?

When BarleyLife is mixed with water and I drink it (no more than two minutes later), there are precipitates in the bottom of glass. Why?
We have chosen to introduce 5% or less of the plant fiber back into the juice. This aids in our ability to produce a larger granule without adding more maltodextrin. The difference in the total fiber is negligible (3.7% in BarleyLife ) but the reduction in maltodextrin is significant. Also, the use of a whole kelp powder rather than a kelp ash will add to the amount of sediment if the juice is allowed to settle for some time.

Why does BarleyLife contain maltodextrin?
In BarleyLife, maltodextrin plays two very important roles, which are actually related to one another. First, maltodextrin acts as an exceptionally efficient carrier for the natural nutrients found in spray-dried barley juice powder. Second, maltodextrin naturally adheres to the nutrient molecules in the barley juice powder, providing a natural coating and protection against the nutrients reacting with one another and greatly reducing the damaging effects of oxidation. This protection stabilizes the nutrients in a totally natural manner and allows BarleyLife to have a two-year or longer shelf life. Once you mix the powder in a liquid, this protective shield is lifted. In addition, the reduction in maltodextrin in BarleyLife is significant. AIM will continue to examine the viability of reducing the amount of maltodextrin even further but it will only be done when it is determined that overall quality is not reduced. This is important as higher quality provides us with greater results.

Can people who are on blood thinners take BarleyLife?
Many people using blood-thinning medication, such as Coumadin ®, are told by their doctors to avoid consuming certain green, leafy vegetables because of the vitamin K content. We are not aware of any adverse effects resulting from the continued use of green barley grass juice powders. If you have a serious medical condition, we suggest that you consult your health practitioner before taking a green barley grass juice supplement.

Warfarin blocks the reduction of vitamin K oxide into vitamin K in efforts to reduce the body's natural clotting response. We did not test for vitamin K in BarleyLife; however, 1 serving of Barleygreen contains about 24 mcg. Therefore, 1 serving of BarleyLife contains less than the recommended daily intake for vitamin K, which is:
Males, 19 years and older: 120 mcg
Females, 19 years and older: 90 mcg
Data suggests that one should avoid fluctuations of 250 mcg above or below normal intakes of vitamin K while your physician determines the proper dosage of warfarin.

Can diabetics take BarleyLife?
BarleyLife is a whole food supplement, very similar to juiced green vegetables. There are no known adverse effects associated with BarleyLife and blood sugar levels. If you consume green vegetables and complex carbohydrates such as pasta (maltodextrin is a complex carbohydrate) with no adverse effects, then you should be able to take BarleyLife. If you have concerns, we encourage you to consult your health practitioner. There have been numerous reports from hypoglycemics and diabetics who have experienced favorable results shortly after starting to take a green barley grass juice supplement.

Can BarleyLife be mixed in a hot beverage?
Because heat and acidity can affect enzymatic activity, it is recommended that BarleyLife not be taken in any of the following: cranberry or prune juice, carbonated drinks, or hot drinks.

What about detoxification?
Many symptoms can be related to detoxification. If so, they will slowly disappear. To speed up the detoxification process, drink plenty of purified water and consider using AIM's Digestive Health products. If some cases it may be wise to reduce the amount of BarleyLife taken while the body gets use to it and toxins are dealt with.

Can folks with kidney disorders or renal failure take BarleyLife?
People with kidney disorders, kidney disease, or renal failure may want to consult their health practitioner about consuming potassium-dense foods like BarleyLife. According to nutritional analysis, there are 214 mg of potassium in one tablespoon (5-gram serving) of BarleyLife. Some people with kidney disease have to be careful about their potassium consumption because their kidneys may not be able to efficiently process high amounts of potassium, which may compound their problem. This implication is rare but should be discussed with your health practitioner if the condition exists.

What about iodine sensitivity?
People who are sensitive to iodine may want to consult their health practitioner before taking BarleyLife. The kelp content in an 8.81 oz (250 g) bottle of BarleyLife is minimal (up to 3 percent), and it is rare that such a small amount of kelp could effect anyone adversely. However, iodine is a fluctuating mineral found in soil, which can influence the level of iodine in the barley grass and the finished powder product.

Can folks with grass allergies take BarleyLife?
On rare occasions, people with grass allergies may experience a reaction to BarleyLife. If you are concerned about having a reaction or if you have had a reaction in the past, you may wish to consult your health practitioner before using BarleyLife.


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