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The connection between natural progesterone and Mexican wild yam.

Wild yam - Read more about the connection between Mexican wild yam Natural Progesterone.

Why Progesterone?

The herb Mexican Wild yam, Dioscorea barbasco, has been used historically in herbal medicine for women's health. Some of the actions of wild yam include smooth muscle relaxation and a mild diuretic effect. There has been some confusion in information provided by companies producing wild yam products. Yam does not convert into progesterone in the body. The conversion can only be done in a laboratory. The body may absorb wild yam extract through the skin, which may in turn have some effect on menopausal symptoms, yet research on both oral and topical applications of wild yam extract demonstrate no change in progesterone levels in the body.
Only supplemental Natural Progesterone has been demonstrated to increase serum and saliva progesterone levels in women, a fact that is verified by ample clinical and published scientific research.
A component of yam (diosgenin) was, at one time, thought to be converted in the body to progesterone but that has been proven to be unsubstantiated. In fact, while it has certain health benefits, there are no published studies that would allow one to conclude that Mexican Wild Yam will increase progesterone levels in humans or animals.