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Pregnancy and Natural Progesterone cream.


This page is to help and encourage women who are suffering from problems with their pregnancy caused by an imbalance in their hormones, and to suggest that Natural Progesterone cream could help to make the pregnancy the happy time it should be.

Pregnancy and Natural Progesterone cream.

Pregnancy and Natural Progesterone cream Read how Natural Progesterone cream helped Janene before, during, and after her pregnancy!
Make your pregnancy the happy time it should be !

Natural Progesterone cream has been known to help women who don't want to resort to drugs during their pregnancy for fear of any damaging side effects they may have on themself or their baby

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Pregnancy and Natural Progesterone cream

The word Progesterone is derived from the Latin gestare for its vital supportive role in gestation, highlighting it's importance in the reproductive process. Modern science confirms that, of all female hormones, progesterone is the one most essential to the survival of the fertilized egg and the foetus throughout gestation.
Progesterone levels rapidly rise from 2-3 mg/day to about 20 to 30mg. per day at ovulation. If fertilization does not occur in ten or twelve days, progesterone levels fall dramatically, triggering the shedding of the secretory endometrium (the menses).
However, if pregnancy does occur, Progesterone production is taken over by the placenta which secretes an ever increasing supply, reaching as much as 300-400 mg/day during the third trimester.

There is a sequel being written about Janene and her Barleygreen baby.
Thomas is now just over 2 years old, and is living testimony to all that has been said about Natural Progesterone cream and Barleygreen, as far as pregnancy, breastfeeding, and child development are concerned!
Thomas is the child that mothers dream about.

Among the many desirable effects of natural progesterone are: