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Does progesterone help raise Estrogen levels.

Does progesterone help raise estrogen levels?

There is no evidence that supplementing with natural progesterone will raise estrogen levels in the body.
From salivary test results we know that women using natural progesterone cream do not by and large see an increase in their estrogen levels. We do know that progesterone and estrogen, like many of the hormones in the body, work synergistically.
The presence of progesterone sensitizes estrogen receptors in the body, making circulating estrogen levels work better without changing the actual levels of estrogen. Progesterone performs this role with other hormones as well. Since women's bodies have the ability to produce some estrogens after menopause, many women find that supplementation of progesterone is enough, or at least part of the picture for addressing symptoms.
For women who are very thin, who have had hysterectomies at a younger age, or have certain risk factors, like high cholesterol or heightened bone loss, some form of estrogen or phytoestrogens may be necessary to completely fulfill their bodies' needs. Keep in mind that the balance of the different hormones is important and should by tailored to the individual.