Chloasma and Natural Progesterone

My Personal Experience of Natural Progesterone by Leanne (25 years) (Dip. Beauty Technology)

"I was using an oral contraceptive called xxxxxx for a few years. I experienced headaches, mood swings and I felt terribly tearful and depressed most of the time.
Besides these symptoms, I noticed that I had developed brown pigmentation marks under my eyes. The condition worsened every time I went into the sun, even for short periods of time. The pigmentation was very similar to chloasma which many women experience during pregnancy.

It got to the stage that I was afraid to go into the sun for any length of time, in case the condition worsened. I had to wear make-up almost all the time to conceal the patches. I tried a few creams with a high vitamin A content, which claimed to lighten pigmentation marks, but I saw little improvement.
At the time I had my own beauty salon where I practiced fruit acid peels, designed to improve the texture and complexion of the skin, by gradually removing the superficial layers. I applied 10 treatments over a course of 10 weeks; using 30% fruit acid peels. I did experience moderate results, however, in a few weeks, the problem returned.

After watching a video by Dr. John Lee, on Natural Progesterone, I realized that my problems resulted form a hormone imbalance, caused by the contraceptive I was taking.
It wasn't until I was introduced to the natural progesterone that I had effective, lasting results even though I was taking the contraceptive. Various creams had only a temporary effect. After using natural progesterone for just a few weeks, my pigmentation had disappeared. In addition to this, I now no longer experience headaches, and I feel in control of my emotions".

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