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Natural Progesterone contraindications.

Progesterone should not be used by women with any of the following conditions:

Reported Side Effects of Progestational Agents

Natural (micronized) progesterone

Synthetic progestins
Abdominal bloating

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How to use progesterone cream.

Women differ in almost every aspect of their physiologies. Although genetically all humans are 99 percent the same, that 1 percent difference can account for an astounding variation in how the details work. It’s not rational for a doctor to order the same dose of any given medicine for every patient, and the same is true for natural progesterone.

    While medical professionals can give you guidelines to work within, it’s up to you to find the best dose for your body. Ideally, you should be able to find the minimum amount you can use to gain and sustain relief from your symptoms. Because natural progesterone is so safe, it won’t hurt you to use a little more than your optimum dose. That gives you plenty of room for experimentation.
    On the other hand, as with most substances, too much progesterone can cause problems. As the use of progesterone has increased in popularity, health care professionals have developed many different schools of thought about how to use it, and many of them prescribe very high doses of progesterone. This practice is counterproductive and leads to further hormone imbalance, not to mention a handful of interesting theories about why the progesterone isn’t working the way Dr. Lee says it does. Here’s the answer, folks: It’s the overdose!
    Chronically high doses of progesterone over many months eventually cause progesterone receptors to turn off, reducing its effectiveness. Using excessive doses of progesterone can also cause the side effects listed below. But keep in mind, not all women suffer from these side effects when they use excessive doses of progesterone.

Possible Side Effects Of Excessive Progesterone.