Prostate diseases and their treatments

AIM ReAssure ™

Prostate diseases and their treatments



A powerful pollen extract for men's health

AIM ReAssure is an extensively tested product for overall men's health. This unique product, which capitalizes on the power of pollen extract, is an excellent supplement to support men's health as they age.

What is pollen extract?

Pollen is the substance found in plants that fertilizes other, like plants. It consists of fine, powdery, yellowish grains or spores, sometimes in masses.

A pollen extract should not be confused with bee pollen. Bee pollen is gathered from bees and remains much as it was gathered, as a "whole pollen." In a pollen extract, pollen is gathered from a plant and then is further refined in the laboratory. This removes all allergens and concentrates specific components of the pollen. In the case of AIM ReAssure , both fat-soluble and water-soluble components are isolated and extracted.

What about the pollen extract in AIM ReAssure ™?

The pollen in AIM ReAssure is gathered from the rye plant. Specially cultivated fields, located in Sweden, are carefully monitored. Air surveillance is often used to determine the best time to harvest. Once the optimum harvest time is chosen, meshes are moved through the fields to trap the pollen.

From here, a proprietary method is used to extract active substances from the rye pollen. It takes about 10,000 plant tops to produce 1 kg (2.2 lb) of pollen extract. This process also guarantees that all allergens are removed from the pollen; when you use pollen extract, there are no side effects.

What about the history?

One of the pioneers of pollen extracts is Gösta Carlsson, a 79-year-old Swedish researcher. Carlsson has devoted his life to the study of pollen, first beginning in the mid-1920s when he was a young boy.

As a youngster, Carlsson began studying bee hives-he wanted to know how bees live. From this study, he began to understand the value of pollen, both to bees and as a supplement for people.

Carlsson watched how bees work-how they gather pollen, how they use pollen from different types of plants, and how it is used in the hive. He came to recognize that the pollen found in different plants is of different quality-some plants produce a higher quality pollen than others. He realized that if he could collect pollen and bring it to the bees, that he would end up with better hives. Thus began his research into pollen, and later pollen extracts.

Today, Carlsson remains active in pollen extract research. He is a firm believer in the positive effect of natural diets on health: "How you live depends on what you eat. We could live to be 120, depending on the health of the cells in our body. The health of our cells depends on the food we eat. Pollen extract from natural plants is one way to help your cells."

What are the benefits of AIM ReAssure ?

There have been many studies, both animal studies and clinical trials, published on the use of pollen extracts for prostate health. The results have always shown that pollen extracts such as AIM ReAssure can help maintain men's health and prostate health.

How to use AIM ReAssure

Q & A

How does AIM ReAssure ™ compare to other men's health products? Saw palmetto, often combined with zinc, is sometimes used for prostate health. saw palmetto affects men's health through one mechanism, while pollen extracts such as AIM ReAssure ™ work through three mechanisms. Thus, pollen extracts may be more efficient, often producing desired benefits in a shorter period of time than saw palmetto.

Can I take AIM ReAssure ™ with other AIM products? Yes, you can. However, we caution taking AIM ReAssure ™ with AIM Herbal Fiberblend ™. The fiber in AIM Herbal Fiberblend ™ may inhibit the absorption of AIM Herbal Fiberblend ™. Thus, we recommend that you take AIM ReAssure ™ 30 minutes before or one hour after taking AIM Herbal Fiberblend ™.

How else can I help my prostate? Prostate health can be affected by a number of factors, and one of them is nutrition. Drinking adequate water and avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods can help, as does nutritional supplementation.

Enlarged prostate tissue contains elevated levels of cholesterol and its metabolites, so it is advisable to watch cholesterol levels. Because some studies have shown that cultures that consume high-fat diets have higher rates of prostate problems and that decreasing sugar consumption contributes to lower prostate problems, it is wise to follow a low-fat, low-sugar diet.

Finally, moderate exercise, such as walking, can be helpful, as can hydrotherapy: sitting in a hot bath for 15 to 20 minutes.

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